Repair and replacement bearings

For over 40 years ADMOS is a renown producer of repair and replacement bearings. Especially for original SKL engines we offer a wide range of 2materialand 3-material bearings such as main bearings, big end bearings and camshaft bearings that can be obtained in different repair stages. We also manufacture piston pin bushing and thrust rings.

Overview of deliverable SKL Motor bearing (download)

Regeneration of bearings

Moreover, ADMOS has earned themselves a good reputation in the regeneration of composite bearings. This includes the regeneration by applying a new lining of bearing metal as well as the repair of bearings and bushings up to the pre-finished processing.

Express service

To minimize downtime of your equipment due to short term repairs or unforeseen damages ADMOS offers an express service and the corresponding competent support and technical advice.


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