Mechanical Processing

Bearing production

ADMOS has extensive machinery which enables us to manufacture bearings up to every stage of production. In addition to a variety of conventional equipment ADMOS ownes advanced CNC machine tools in the field of turning and milling. Our production is completed by a number of special machines, among others for the production of thin-walled composite bearings.

Series production – custom made

Thanks to the division of our manufacturing in a standard and a special production ADMOS has the necessary capacity for large series as well as the appropriate flexibility for individual parts and small series. Adjusted to your requirements, we guarantee our customers the highest quality standards at market-driven deadlines.

Bearing bore geometries

The mechanical production at ADMOS has extensive experience in the processing of various bearing materials and is capable to manufacture even the most complex multi-surface profile.

Cylindrical bearing
Two-lobe bearing (lemon bore)
Bearing with offset and double offset
Three-lobe bearing
Four-lobe and multi-surface bearing
fixed wedge surfaces (axial bearing) and surfaces according to customer specifications
Grooves, holes and pockets for oil supply and hydrostatic according to customer specification

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