Bearing materials

To produce the spout of composite bearings in stand and centrifugal casting ADMOS uses both standard white metals and bronze alloys. Referred to as white metals are soft bearing metals based on lead and tin with excellent tribological properties, which are used under moderate loads and high speeds. This contrasts with the much more wear-resistant bearing material from the group of copper alloys. Here, lead bronze are mainly used, that combine high strength with simultaneously good sliding properties.

Material combinations

Composite plain bearings are made of at least two layers of alloys of different composition. Apart from the typical versions as two-layer and  solid bearings, we furthermore offer the possibility of a three-layer composite version. For this purpose an additional white metal layer is applied to the steel-bronze composite. This is done either as cast or electroplated.

Below is an overview of all offered material combinations and variants:

Supporting body
Two-layer compositeThree-layered composite
SteelWhite  metal (babbitt)
SteelBronzeWhite metal (casting)
SteelBronze (+ diffusion barrier)White metal (galvanised)
BronzeWhite metal (babbitt)
Bronze (bushing)

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