Planetary Gearbox Pins

Exterior coated pins

ADMOS specializes in the production of externally coated pins. Which are used for instance in bearing points with an circulating bearing load. The bearing material is poured onto the outside of the support body with a specially developed composite casting process. A special feature is the coating with bronze alloys. These are superior to white metals with respect to their thermal and mechanical stability and are suitable for applications requiring high-strength materials. Bilayer and three-layer designs with the material combinations listed below are possible.

Material combinations

Steel – white metal (babbitt)
Steel – bronze
Steel – bronze – white metal (babbitt)

Planetary gearbox

The typical application areas of externally coated pins are orbital and planetary gearboxes. The advantage over other bearing concepts lies in a particularlycompact but robust design. Therefore planetary pins are suitable for high-speed as well as shock loads. Moreover, this concept offers all other benefits of a hydrodynamic bearing. The necessary coolant and lubricant supply requires no special demands. It corresponds construction-wise and and of its performance to comparable rolling bearing solutions.


  • Planetary and epicyclic gear
  • Applications with circulating bearing load

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