Customer Specific Bearings

We manufacture special components according to customer requirements for allnormal machinable metal materials. We also offer several composite casting material combinations and their complete processing including raw part manufacture up to the final product.

Axle-hung bearings

Axle-hung bearings serve to support the traction on the axis of the wheel setmotor of railway vehicles with single-axle drive. They are usually manufactured as divided bearing shells with a one-sided axial stop collar. Common material combinations are steel – bronze or bronze – white metal.

Wind turbine bushes

A special feature are thin-walled bushes with large diameter that are used typically for wind turbine gearboxes. The small wall thickness of their steel supporting shell demands special requirements of the manufacturing process.

Other custom bearings

Pedestral plain bearings
Crosshead bearings
Thin-walled bushes with large diameter (wind turbine bushes)
Bushes for steelworks

Spare parts and express production

A special service of ADMOS is the offering of spare parts and express production. All information about our aftermarket services can be found here.

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